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durst&frucht – Annette Schmucki

  • Der MaiHof Weggismattstrasse 9 6004 Luzern (map)

Ein Musiktheater von Annette Schmucki

Based on the work of the Brothers Grimm on the Deutsches Wörterbuch, durst&frucht (thirst&fruit) tells of hunting and gathering in the world of language. Of the uncovering, conquering, taming of the linguistic mountain and the impossibility of its ascent. Of two brothers and their constant refining / completion of the words. Day in, day out, working in neighbouring rooms with individual haste, techniques and engagement.

Tells of the recognition and acknowledgement of the gaps and spaces, of the constant mutation of language and its secondary phenomena, incomprehensibility, openness. Tells of Jacob and Wilhelm who eventually die hunched over the words ‘durst’ and ‘frucht’.

One hears words, lists of words, phonemes and shreds of stories. One hears pulses, clumps and sweepings of sound. It is a journey between the realms of music and language. A pouring of language into music and of music into language. One sees words dance through the air, mouths opening, sharpened pencils and ears, the motions of writing.

ensemble proton bern

conductor - Matthias Kuhn
flute - Christine Hogg
lupophone - Martin Bliggenstorfer
clarinet - Richard Haynes
contraforte - Elise Jacoberger
harp - Vera Schnider
synth - Samuel Fried
violin - Maximilian Haft
violoncello - Jan-Filip Ťupa


Tobias Dutschke, Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Katarina Rasinski, Steffi Weismann

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