Richard Haynes

Richard Haynes performs music spanning the 18th to 21st centuries all over the world in a multitude of contexts: concert, recital, installation, opera, musical, and cross-art forms, performs and improvises with instruments, his body and objects, writes traditional and text-based scores for performance, arranges music for chamber ensembles and translates musicological texts. Since performing the clarinet concerti by Copland, Mozart, Rankine, Smetanin, Weber, Westlake and Xenakis to acclaim, winning the title of Australia's Young Performer of the Year (YPA) and the Australian Art Music Award (APRA AMCOS) for Performance of the Year, Richard Haynes has performed regularly in Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Richard Haynes is a first prize winner of the Tschumi Music Prize and of the Concours Nicati, Switzerland.

Richard Haynes © Gerrit Bender 2016

 Richard Haynes © Yorna Ticina 2016

Richard Haynes © Yorna Ticina 2016

Richard Haynes has successfully completed performing and coaching residencies at the UC Berkeley, Canterbury, Griffith, Harvard, Huddersfield, Melbourne, Stanford and Sydney Universities as well as CALarts and the New Zealand School of Music. As Co-Director of pakt bern - das neue musik netzwerk he has curated the 2017 and 2018 editions of the concert series soapbox_013 in Berne and is active in programming contemporary music through a position on the board of the ISCM Berne.

Richard Haynes has performed to acclaim at many of the major Australian and European festivals for classical and contemporary music as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, including the international arts festivals of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Holland Festival, Budapest, Paris and Warsaw Autumn Festivals, MaerzMusik Berlin, Archipel Geneva, Vienna Modern, Salzburg Festspiele and New York's Lincoln Center Festival. He maintains regular concert activity as clarinettist of Ensemble Proton BernManufaktur Aktueller MusikElision EnsemblePraesenz and Stroma and is a regular guest performer with Ensemble musikFabrikKlangforum WienEnsemble Resonanz and Ensemble Phoenix Basel. New works for clarinet have been written for and dedicated to him by Trevor Bača, Richard Barrett, Aaron Cassidy, Robert Dahm, Chris Dench, Liza Lim, Timothy McCormack, Michael Norris, Enno Poppe, Nemanja Radivojević, Rebecca Saunders and Jeroen Speak. He has performed in major instrumental, operatic or theatrical works such as CONSTRUCTION and Opening of the Mouth by Richard Barrett, Written on Skin by George Benjamin, EvE & ADINN by Sivan Cohen Elias, MONDPARSIFAL by Bernhard Lang, Moon Spirit Feasting and The Navigator by Liza Lim, Delusion of the Fury by Harry Partch, Chroma and Stasis by Rebecca Saunders, El Publico by Mauricio Sotelo and KLANG: Die 24 Stunden des Tages by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

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